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So your making money ,but your losing Satoshis ?!?!

Your alt coins are up in Fiat value but your BTC value is down are you really making money or losing Bitcoin?

Learn the truth about why most traders end up with less BTC than they started with!!!

What is the CBT ?

The CBT ( Crypto Bible Token )

is an ERC20 Token with a range of utility.

Holders of the CBT token will be entitled to voting rites among other utility. They will also be able to  experience interaction with the cryptobible.com and its publications

About Us

The Team


 Craig Wilk

Co Developer

Lifetime Entrepreneur

Crypto Revolutionist



Bennie van Rensburg

Crypto Economist 

Blockchain Consultant

Dr. Don Digs "Ropsten"

Distributed systems Developer 

Distribution and logistics Expert

Lori Wilk

Media & Marketing Strategist

Multi Title Published author

 Owner All Sports Publishing

C.J Duke - "Kovan Kid"

Flea De- " Electric Fuzzy Bunny "

Code analyst 

JavaScrypt &  PL/SQL Devloper

Special Thanks to:

The legendary Ethereum Unicorn rider BokkyPooBah


 Moritz Neto

Crypto Financial services consulting by:

 Bitcoin Blockchain Consulting 

Bennie van Rensburg 

 BBC - Bitcoin Blockchain Consultants 

The Mission

First and foremost is Education for the uneducated.

Helping people understand the Satoshi Unit of measure and its relevance to Altcoins. 

We aim to be the first decentralized media publication and open up the community to insight and opinion from around the world in a decentralized and opensource forum 


The Road map

2017 - Q1 - Need Realized and conveyed by the community for Crypto Education specifically related to Fiat - Satoshi Relativity Curriculum Compiled.  Brought to the community in a decentralized format.

2017 - Q3 - Secure domain / Compile and analyze data ranging from inception of 1st Alt Coin until Current.

2017 - Q4 - Design Publication format and Graphics. Launch Home Page.

2018 - Q1 - Begin to implement concept of Decentralized Education / Media platform.

2018 - Q2 - Development of ERC20  token and Branding.

2018 - Q3 - Launch of  ( CBT ) 

 Which is an ERC20 Token on the  Ethereum Main Network.

2018 - Q4 - Token Distribution & Model Implementation - Direct Exchange and Availability of liquidity through the ability to buy and sell token on the site and through decentralized exchange ( ForkDelta )

2018 - Q4 - Exchange listings and Recognition on the coin market cap &  price index sites.

2018 - Q4 - Screening of potential Advertisers / Sponsors / Affiliates for inclusion in the worlds 1st  decentralized media publication 

" Bible Of Crypto "

2018 - Q4 -  Opening up the forum for  opensource submission of Crypto content from Crypto professionals and all content creators , opening up the community to insight from around the world in a decentralized forum

2018 - Q4- Publication Release in Print and digital distribution to over 100,000 unique individuals . Crypto Bible  1st Edition.


- Nothing on this site is to be taken as financial or Investment advice. -

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